Is It Time for a Relationship Rewind

Some breakups are easy. You say your goodbyes, return their box of stuff and move on with your life with nothing more than a few tears. But some relationships are harder to get over.

Sometimes you barely survive the breakup. And you haven’t been able to shake that sad, longing feeling since. They’re still at the forefront of your thoughts. You weep, worry and wonder: are they the one? Should you have given it another shot? Will your life ever be complete without them? If this sounds like one of your past relationships, Relationship Rewind may be for you.

A young woman and man embracing while outdoors.

A young woman and man embracing while outdoors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Relationship Rewind is a revolutionary new program designed to keep you from missing out on the love of your life. The program works based on a scientific discovery called The Neuroscience of Love. A 2007 study found that when people are in the blissful, beginning stage, each lover’s brain fires neurons in identical patterns. This mirroring is part of what keeps people in love. It makes your partner’s flaws endearing instead of annoying, it is part of what drives you to be physically intimate and what keeps you feeling like they’re the one.

When one persons brain switches from the “bliss” stage — often times because of an incidental, accidental trigger like a forgotten birthday, etc. — one of the partners starts to slip away. They don’t return your phone calls as regularly. They stop wanting to be intimate. You can tell that your presence sometimes gets on their nerves.

But thanks to the groundbreaking new study, you can now rewind the changing partners brains. Through a series of actions and statements, you can get your partner thinking the way they used to. You can re-open the door that you saw closing in your face. You can literally rewire their thought patterns so that their neurons fire along with yours again and you rewind back to the love you shared when you were both in the blissful state.

You’re Not Good At This

Some people are better at relationships than others. Have you ever seen a couple that should be together but one or both members is too stubborn? Or maybe they belong together but they couldn’t get the “timing” right. When you stick to the guidelines you take mistakes and misjudgments out of the equation. Your future doesn’t have to be the tragedy of a missed connection because you’ll know when and how to say just the right things to make your dreams come true.

If You Need to Act Now

The most important gift that this program gives is the knowledge that its important to act now if you want to get what you want. We’ve been conditioned to give relationships time to breathe and cool off; to give ourselves time to work on our own issues. But that lovesick, persistent feeling may be your heart telling you not to move on. It may be a sign to act now before it is too late.

One of the biggest fears that most of us have after a break up is that our former lover will move on and find someone else. The period of time just after a breakup is when newly split partners are most likely to stray. They are looking for temporary comfort in the arms of another to ease the pain of losing you. Sometimes these temporary relationships can evolve into more permanent affairs.

The sooner you implement the program and act, the better chance you have of moving towards the life you want to lead. You’ll learn to act quickly, to act now to help re-build the bonds before their wounds heal and they move on to find someone else.

If You’re Willing to Put in the Work

Relationship Rewind is a system, not a magic pill. It’s not for fly by night daters who want one more fling with a one night stand. Nor is it for people with lukewarm feelings who just don’t want to be alone (if that is you, then read this to help get over that nasty breakup). The program only works if there’s passion behind it. Relationship Rewind works with your genuine feelings of love to re-open your partner’s heart and get them to re-commit to the relationship that you both love.

If you’re ready to turn back the page to when you’re truly in love, you’re ready to try the program! Re-lighting your flame is as easy as signing up and working to get your love back in your life.

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How To Attract Women

Maybe you’ve been in a slump lately and haven’t been out on a date for a while. Now, you’re ready to get back in the game, but you just aren’t sure where to start.

The first step is looking at the image you are presenting to the world. Let’s take a look at a few key areas you should focus on before you get back out there in the game.

How To Attract Women – Appearance

Too many men underestimate the importance of the appearance they present to the world. Most guys figure that there is nothing they can do to improve their God-given looks so why bother. Or, conversely, if a guy is exceedingly handsome, he thinks he doesn’t have to put in an ounce of effort to look good.

Attract Hot WomenBoth suppositions are wrong. Women notice little things about a man’s appearance and make split-second judgment calls based on those.

IN fact, I would go so far as to say a guy would have to be movie star handsome to overcome the liability of going out on the town with bad breath and greasy hair.

So, your first goal is to make sure your appearance is as good as it gets. You can start with your hygiene, making sure your teeth are brushed and flossed and the rest of your body is clean. That includes fingernails and toenails. You don’t want to get intimate with a woman and have her throw up when she sees your ugly feet.

After hygiene, focus on your clothes. Do a little wardrobe makeover. Try on everything and throw away anything that makes you look bad. If you are on a tight budget, start by putting all your clothing money into at least one great fitting pair of jeans and a shirt that rocks your world. Don’t be afraid to ask a salesclerk for help and find the best shirt you can. Spend the bulk of your money on some stylish, but not trendy shoes. Ask a salesperson for help, saying you want something that will still look good in five years.

Surprisingly, women often mention that they notice a guy’s footwear right off the bat.

How to Attract Women – Attitude.

Now, that you don’t have to worry about your physical appearance, take some time to focus on the attitude you are projecting.

Are you out there with a swagger and oozing self-confidence? If not, this will be a little acting lesson for you. Go out to a bar and walk in telling yourself that you are going to rock the room and that any lady would be lucky to get your attentions. If you keep thinking this in your head, you will automatically project charisma and self-confidence. It is a little trick that really works. It’s amazing. Try it. You’ll be surprised.

Another key aspect of the attitude you want to project can be exhibited through body language. Pick up a book on body language and study it until you learn how to sit, stand, and move in a way that screams confidence.

Armed with these two simple steps, you are ready to go.

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How To Neg Girls To Create Attraction

Negs are some of the most important tools in the pick-up artist’s arsenal. When first approaching a woman, the pick-up artist is looking to distinguish himself from all the hundreds of average, frustrated chumps that have hit on her in her lifetime before him by avoiding a few common pitfalls of the boy-girl dynamic. 

First of all, he needs to avoid being seen as a potential suitor for the woman, both by the woman herself and by her friends, who may otherwise try to protect her from this mysterious stranger. This is especially important when approaching sets, groups of people, cold, without any prior introduction. When perfect strangers materialize out of the blue and instantly begin hitting on the most beautiful targets in a set, they often get shot down quickly.

Create AttractionsStill, you don’t want to be ignored by your target. The second pitfall you want to avoid is just making friends with the group while ignoring completely the woman you are after.

You want to get her attention in some way without hitting on her, but also without deliberately insulting her. If you fail to do this immediately, you are in danger of being stuffed into the little box of her friend zone – or worse.

The neg accomplishes both of the above tasks neatly and smoothly. Tossing her a couple of negs early into the interaction will both disqualify you in her and her friends’ eyes as a suitor and still get her attention, without looking like you are intentionally trying to insult her. Although negs are delicate things and easily misfired by amateurs, they are such a powerful tool that it is worth taking the time to thoroughly understand their intricacies and learn how to use them.

A neg can be many things as long as it accomplishes the purpose of diminishing the target’s value in a manner that flies under her radar. A neg should always come off in a way that makes it look accidental or unintentional. If it looks like you are trying to get attention or come off as clever or sarcastic, the neg will fall flat. If it looks like you are a man who is above caring about her beauty or status, attraction will begin to fester inside of her.

A neg can be an insult disguised as a compliment. “I love those shoes; you see them everywhere these days.” “Your nose is so cute, it wiggles when you talk.” You can take anything that is less than stellar about her and draw attention to it while pretending to be charmed in a friendly way. Eventually you will be able to instantly spot things about a woman that can be turned into negs and poked at in front of her friends. If you can’t find anything right off the bat, feel free to just make something up. Whether or not her nose actually wiggles when she talks or she actually has manly hands, if you bring up to her that she does she will immediately begin feeling self-conscious about it and therefore more prone to your charms.

A good way to keep your negs on target is to always have the objective of making her friends laugh. If it’s too insulting, nobody will laugh. If the circle of people you are with finds your comment hilarious at her expense, it was probably a pretty good neg.

One of the most beautiful negs is the five words, “Is she always this ________?” If she is being loud and outspoken, you can say, “Is she always this loud?” If she isn’t saying much, you ask her friends, “Is she always this shy?” No matter how she is, you can always find something about which to wonder out loud if she is always that way.

Because a neg is such a powerful tool, it should be used almost right way in nearly every interaction. Right after the opener and the false time constraint, and right before transitioning into your next gambit, is the time to use the neg. A neg can also help you choose a target if you’re finding it hard. Once you’ve negged a girl in a group, you know that she is the one you after, and you can then work to make friends with her friends while building attraction with her.

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How To Get Girls

Women are often viewed as complicated creatures who must be lured using the right bait. In a way, this is true. It is not that girls are complicated, so much as they are particular. Girls do not want to be fooled into liking a man. They do not want to be tricked with clever lines and tall tales, though sometimes that works. Girls want a guy who is fun and charming.

The first thing a man should know about how to get girls is sincerity. In other words, do not try to get the girl if you are not sincerely interested in her. This usually happens if a man wants just one thing. It might work a few times. You get what you want and then go on your merry way. However, word might get around that you are a one-trick pony. Furthermore, not all girls are going to fall for insincere pick-ups. Go after a girl when you mean it and you will find more girls respect you, so if it does not work out, you still have options.

How To Get GirlsIf you want to know how to get girls, you have to know how to groom yourself. That does not mean you have to be clean-shaven, wear collared shirts and polish your shoes. Some girls like that, but it is not typically a prerequisite. What girls want is a man who smells good, is clean and wears clean clothes. No one wants to cuddle with someone who smells like a foot or kiss someone whose breath smells like an onion. Brush your teeth, wash your hair, put on deodorant and do yourself a favor by investing in cologne. Make sure it is subtle cologne that smells great, but requires closeness to smell. Do all of this and your chances for getting the girl get exponentially better.

Always be polite to a girl in whom you would like to eventually date. That does not necessarily mean that you have to pay the dinner bill or throw your jacket over a puddle so she does not step in it. It does mean listening to her when she is speaking, showing up or calling when you say you are going to and not hitting on other women when she is around. Romantic interest has a lot to do with how much you trust someone. There is no sense in knowing how to get girls if you are going to treat them poorly and lose them quickly.

The only way knowing how to get girls is going to do anything for you is if you meet girls. That means you have to spend in places where girls are likely to hang out. You could go to the bar, but very few dating success stories start in a bar. Be active and do things that are fun like going to the beach, water parks, museums and even local charity events. In short, get out of the house and do something productive or universally fun. Do not hide in the woods on a camping trip with the boys hoping Mrs. Right is going to come out of the forest. She will not. Once you find Mrs. Right, then you can take her camping with you. That is how you keep girls. Involve them in your life and get involved with theirs.

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How To Flirt With A Girl

Knowing how to flirt with a girl is a timeless art. It takes a lot of confidence and skill but once you perfect your flirting technique you may never be alone again. The following tips will teach you how to flirt with a girl. When you are just beginning to perfect your flirting skills, it is important to know the best time to approach a woman. Until you have mastered the art it is best to approach an easy situation where you believe you will be well accepted.

How To Flirt With GirlsStart by reading the woman’s body language: does she seem to want visitors? Is she standing facing the room, with her body ‘open’ (no crossed arms, etc)? Is she regarding the whole room, not averting her eyes? Remember that women who are alone or with one or two friends are most likely to appreciate being approached than women in a large group. Before you make your move test the waters by catching her eye; if she holds your gaze offer a smile. If she returns it make your way over!

If you can’t think of a good conversation starter, buying a drink is a classic way in. Always avoid cheesy pickup lines! Confidence is key to any flirting technique. Men who are sure of themselves are sure to attract women, which in turn gives them even more confidence! Remember, it doesn’t matter how you look, how big you are; what really matters is how you present yourself.

Even if you have hardly a shred of confidence it is important to fake it. Faking it undoubtedly leads to the real thing. When you are conversing with a woman, look directly into her eyes often (but not too much where you freak her out!). Just make an effort to maintain eye contact when she is talking or when you are talking to her. Keep your body language relaxed—no nervous movements such as shifting your weight or crossing your arms. Having something to do with your hands, such as holding a drink, can be a good distraction to any nervousness.

Control your voice as well to come across as relaxed and confident. Don’t talk too fast, as fast talking is a definite giveaway for nervousness. Having a good conversation is a foundation to flirting. When you are engaged in a conversation, take a genuine interest in the women. Ask her questions and, most importantly, listen to what she has to say so you can respond in a manner that further engages her and makes her feel special. Playful teasing can go a long way in creating an attraction, but make sure it is not cruel or rude; you both should be laughing.

Compliment her sincerely, but don’t overdo it. If you seem too interested that is a definite turn off to women. And definitely don’t compliment her on anything trashy, such as her great “measurements”. When talking about yourself, draw attention to your best qualities, but don’t overdo it. Casually mention you’re out celebrating the great raise you got, or how you are running a marathon next month.

However, never ever lie about yourself, which could become a major problem if a relationship does blossom. Humor is a must; it is something that all women are attracted to. Whenever you can make her laugh, and smile often: if you’re having a good time, so is she. Playful physical contact is great for creating a spark that leads to attraction. Read her body language—if she is giving you the “green light” for touch by keeping a close distance between the two of you and facing your body, lightly brush her arm or shoulder when you are talking(now is not the time to cop a cheap feel!).

Keep in mind that dancing is a great way of flirting. If you are confident with your abilities, ask her to hit the dance floor with you. Recognizing visual and verbal cues is key to knowing when to ‘close’. If she seems genuinely attracted to you, ask for her number. Remember, practice makes perfect and you will soon be well-versed in how to flirt with a girl.

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